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ERwin Data Modeler Pricing

Here you can buy every kind of ERwin Data Modeler license. Whether you need a single-user Standard license, or Workgroup or Navigator - we have them all! 

ERwin Data Modeler - Every Edition, Upgrades and Maintenance - Australia's Best Prices!

BIReady is proud to announce our new partnership with the World's Favourite Data Modeling Tool.
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ERwin DM is available in three different editions to meet your specific needs. 
ERwin Standard Edition

ERwin DM Standard Edition

ERwin DM Standard Edition is our flagship data modeling solution for creating and deploying visual data models for hybrid data infrastructures. Users automatically generate data models with a simple, graphical display to visualize a wide range of enterprise data sources. Increase quality and efficiency with reusable standards, including model templates, domains, automation macros, naming standards and datatype standards..

Erwin data modeler workgroup edition

ERwin DM Workgroup Edition

ERwin DM Workgroup Edition offers the same functionality as ERwin DM Standard Edition, plus a centralised model management repository, collaborative modeling with conflict resolution, and change management with audit capabilities. It is ideal for teams with multiple members who are working on models simultaneously and/or that need a change management function.

Erwin Data Modeler Navigator Edition

ERwin DM Navigator Edition

ERwin DM Navigator Edition provides read-only access to ERwin data models and metadata. It provides discovery, visualisation and analysis capabilities for various roles within the organization who need to view specific information but don’t need to create or change data models.

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Upgrade or Maintenance?


If you have an older version of ERwin that is no longer under a support contract, OR you have a current version but wish to increase functionality (e.g. from Standard to Workgroup) you need to buy an upgrade. Upgrades include 1-year maintenance. Most of the upgrades available are not shown - please call us on 02 8880 5111 for more information.


Maintenance gives you technical support and updates for 1 or 3 years. If you have ERwin and a current maintenance contract that is about to expire, you need to purchase maintenance. You must purchase maintenance BEFORE your current maintenance agreement expires, or you will be liable to pay for an upgrade.

Extracting Data from Enterprise Apps

ERP, CRM and other enterprise systems are complex and use proprietary formats difficult to integrate with other data sources. ERwin Safyr Option for ERP extracts and converts data from these systems for accurate modeling and analysis with ERwin DM. With this tool, you also can consolidate duplicate systems and reduce license costs in response to M&A activity or general cost-cutting.

ERwin for Enterprise Apps

ERwin - Frequently Asked Questions

ERwin DM Workgroup Edition has the same functionality as ERwin DM Standard Edition, plus collaborative modeling support and change management and audit capabilities. If you’re not sure which edition is right for you, ask yourself: 

- Do you need support for multiple data modelers to simultaneously access your data models? If yes, then ERwin DM Workgroup Edition is the best fit. 

- Do you need change management and audit capabilities? If yes, then choose ERwin DM Workgroup Edition.

A concurrent license costs twice as much as a single-user license, but it can be shared by more people. If you had a team of five data architects, it's unlikely they'll all need to use ERwin at the same time. So, instead of buying five single-user licenses, just buy one concurrent license and save.

No, ERwin Data Modeler supports any type of database including relational, cloud, big data and NoSQL. This is part of ERwin's Any2 approach, meaning it supports any data, whether it’s structured or unstructured, anywhere it’s stored. And you only need one ERwin Data Modeler license to support all these environments and to create conceptual, logical, physical or dimensional models – so it’s cost-effective.

ERwin Web Portal is a Web-based collaboration platform for sharing your data models and metadata with technical and business users. It works with the ERwin DM products to support collaboration across your organization.

ERwin Data Governance helps you build better data governance through enterprise standards, including naming standards, data type standards, model templates and more. It works with the ERwin Data Modeler products to support your enterprise data governance program. Contact us for more information.

ERwin Safyr Option for ERP supports data model creation and metadata management for these applications out of the box:


- SAP Business Warehouse (BW)*


- Microsoft Dynamics AZ 2012

- Salesforce

- Oracle E-Business Suite

- Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise applications

- Oracle J.D. Edwards EnterpriseOne

- Oracle Siebel

If your application isn’t on this list, we can analyse it to determine if it can be supported using a services-based approach.